Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia which covers about 5,600 km, the provincial capital is Denpasar, located in the southern part of the island. Balinese majority people embraced Hinduism, since bali has been known as a small island of world attention. Bali is famous as a tourism destination because of its unique cultural art, various nicknames are given like the island of the gods, the island of heaven, and the island of a thousand temples. The character of the Balinese is formed by, the belief of the Hindu religion he embraces.

Bali is famous as a religious island, in it save a lot of uniqueness that is admired by the tourists, one of which people still cling to ancient traditions inherited by his ancestors. In bali tradition has different functions. first, the tradition in social function, its function as entertainment only that has no sacred value, for example like dance drama, dance janger, dance oleg tamulilingan usually called balih balihan dance

photo: oleg tamulilingan dance

Second, tradition in religious function, that is function as complement of ritual ceremony, which has sacral value of example, dance of hyang dedari dance rejang, dance line etc. rituals or ceremonies performed on a particular day, with a variety of uniqueness, spread across remote villages in Bali and characteristic of a particular area. for example, the ceremony ngusaba dodol in karangasem, pandan war in tenganan dll.

photo: pandan war( perang pandan)

The Balinese have undergone changes in various aspects, such as the development of technology and the many societies that imitate the life of the outside cultures, but some still retain the traditions that exist, this is because the tradition is related to the implementation of religious ceremonies. A tradition can survive in society because it has a function in that society, but when it no longer has a function it will be abandoned. Tradition which is the heritage of ancestors, still maintained by the people of Bali. such as the fire-fighting tradition in the village of padang bulia, sukasada buleleng, mekotek tradition, omed-omedan tradition and many others.

photo( omed-omedan)

Every area in Bali, has its own charm. Bali, which in the eyes of many people as a tourist destination, store a myriad of uniqueness. That can be enjoyed with family or other colleagues, in addition to tradition, the beach in Bali is also no less beautiful. such as, Kuta Beach with white sand and blue sea, equipped with a very complete supporting facilities, Kuta Beach is the prima donna of Bali tourism. . Padang Beach Padang, is a small beach hidden behind a cliff in the area Pecatu, near Uluwatu, Lovina Beach, is one of the tourist attractions in Bali located in the north bali in Lovina Beach we can see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat .

photo: kuta beach

In addition to the beach, nature tourism is also not less important if you go to Bali. such as bedugul, one of the tourist attraction in bali located in the hills with a very cool weather, where, in bedugul there is also a lake named lake beratan. which is located at an altitude between 1250 – 1400 meters above sea level, the second is jatiluwih, Jatiluwih is a tourist village, with beautiful panorama accompanied by terraced paddy fields. the scenery of rice fields up to hundreds of hectares, a privilege in Jatiluwih.ketiga is a mountain batur, for those of you who like adventure and climbing, this mountain batur tourism object is one of the must make in visit, because in addition to providing beautiful natural scenery, the mountain lies in altitude 1000 – 2172 meters, above sea level has cold weather with an average temperature between 15-21 celcius.

photo: sunrise mount batur)

If you plan on climbing to the top of Mount Batur, you will see the scenery of the crater and sunset is very beautiful. that’s some of the tourist attractions in Bali and hopefully can be a complete reference when you go to Bali,